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                                                             EXPANSION AGREEMENT

This Agreement serves as a price guarantee for future store locations. This Agreement is between Great American Industries, Inc. and included, but not limited to, its O' My Nachos business interest and partnerships. Price guarantee as follows.

Second store down payment: $16,950 and a 0% corporate finance, with payments of $500 monthly for 26 months*

Third store down payment: $12,950 and a 0% corporate finance with payments of $1,000 monthly for 17 months*

All subsequent store locations will be negotiated before opening. These negotiations will include all down payment and monthly payment options.

*If the general partnership fails to meet its monthly corporate finance obligations, Great American Industries retains the right to assign a third party arbitrator to negotiate terms agreeable to both parties before any legal action may be taken. Great American Industries still retains the right for legal action. Great American Industries also retains the right to place any corporate employees needed on location to determine if any business or procedural defects occur in daily operations of the General Partnerships' business expansion. Great American Industries may assign, but is not required to assign, any interest penalty of two (2) points above prime for any payments sixty (60) days overdue. Great American Industries may also, through arbitration, take legal control for any locations that fall ninety (90) days overdue of income payments.

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General Partner                                                                              Great American Industries, Inc.





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