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                                            General Partnership Arrangement Agreement

                                             Investment $29,950.00 Turnkey Operation

This contract is between ________________________ herein after called Owner and Great American Industries, Inc. herein after called Company.

1) The company will provide to owner a suitable retail outlet fully set-up and operational with  employees to make sales of food products described in O’ MY NACHOS’' program statement.

2) Owner shall be responsible for all ongoing occurrences of rental, utilities, insurance, payroll, upkeep expenses, and any other costs Owner shall be responsible for.

3) Company will provide the support for ongoing occurrences of rental, utilities, payroll, upkeep 

expenses, and any other costs Owner shall be responsible for by regularly monitoring that these are paid.

4) All sales from this operation shall be recorded and reported daily to the Company by online transmission. Owner agrees to pay six (6%) of the gross sales to Company by bank transfer  every ten days during this Operations Agreement.

5) This Agreement is transferable upon written notice to Company with new Owner 

application approval.

6) Owner shall follow Company operational outline, food preparation process and all regulations  of the retail sales program policy statement during all times of sales provided for in the  Agreement.

7) That the Owner is subject to new promotions, rules, regulations, standards and conditions  upon presentation in writing by the Company during this Agreement.

8) That Owner will not complete, go into other similar business arrangements or give any other party the proprietary material, operational procedures or outlines provided by the Company.

9) Any failure to comply with the standard operation policies can result in a buy-out forfeiture of investment/purchase price with a thirty day written notice by the Company to correct, comply or alternatively come to an agreement revision.

10) This agreement and all business arrangements shall remain totally confidential and non-disclosable to any other party unless authorized in writing or  required by law.

11) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12) The parties herein agree to all these terms, conditions, provisions, and arrangements by the affixation of the below signatures.

______________________________  _____________________________

                  Owner                                Company Representative 

______________________________  _____________________________

                  Owner                                Company Representative

Date _________________________ Date ________________________

This contract shall become valid and binding upon the receipt of funds, $29,950.00 by bank wire transfer to Great Southern Industries, Inc. at Regions Bank. Account #  0258734228 , Routing #  065403626  or the confirmation of full payment.