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Dear General Partner,

Good day. You are now here with your next genuine famous new fast food outlet. Thank you for your interest in our totally foolproof success method introducing a niche product to our waiting consumers. Our guarantee is that our business model (if followed) will lead to financial independence in the fast food industry. It will also cost you tens of thousands of dollars less than your average fast food chain, and having income potential that exceeds industry averages. 

We have combined the essentials of recognized brand name flavors with special techniques for our marketplace to ensure complete satisfaction. The technique is designed to be hands-on, owner-operated with low overhead, to enable profit margins that are higher and above industry averages. 

Please review the enclosed brochure and contracts to get started now. We shall be glad to answer any questions you may have at our next meeting.


JAMES H. ROAN Jr., President/Attorney at law

Company Representative Support