Great American Industries, INC                                                            Phone: (504) 838-0888

3535 Ridgelake Drive, Suite K                         Email:

Metairie, Louisiana 70002

                                                              WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT?

Our concept of a fast-food franchise chain will ultimately prove to be the best result that brings success to our participants.  That overall design has become the earmark of profitable retail outlets nationwide.  Our support network and our team provides the necessary functions to your stores, which ensure the future of O’ MY NACHOS existence. 

Many comparable fast food outlets have served our community for decades without failure or rejection now awaiting our joining those ranks.  We have made this homeland recipe with up to twenty ingredients to ensure the maximum of desirability upon the consumer.  The fast pace professional team of company support shall select the best suitable location, secure licenses, setup equipment, ready trained qualified staff, which provides complete turnkey operations for a grandiose opening.  Another successful outlet to achieve total customer satisfaction with an O’ MY NACHOS's retail sales.!

Be the first in your area and expand to a serious chain of profitable stores.  The solid support of a home office will ensure your success; we guarantee a lifelong successful operation under our complete direction.

Investment $29,950.00

Company provides:

1) A location under lease approximately $600 to $2,000 monthly.

2) The equipment used to operate retail outlets (See operations manual, equipment description).

3) All promotional material, signs and initial advertising.

4) Comprehensive operations manual, secret recipe, support organization suppliers and order 


5) General Partnership / Franchise Agreement; ongoing support and assistance.

6) 100% Investment guarantee agreement contract.

7) Personnel training and selection.

8) Food product outlets with wholesale price arrangements, initial product inventory cost is 

     Owner's responsibility.

9) Company managerial staff to oversee all phases to opening, including all license applications.

10) Grand opening ceremony and celebration.